Classes start September 2021

Book a private group or workshop starting May 2021

Mud Club

Mud Club meets once a week on Tuesdays Ages 6- 12

4-5:30 Six weeks $135.00 tuition includes all materials/glaze/kiln firing.

Class size limited to 6 artists. Mud Club is for the young artist with an interest in creating fun and functional pottery in a relaxed and welcoming setting. They will create several projects hand-building and with a pottery wheel for five weeks and then glaze in week six. I will instruct them but also encourage the artists to use their imaginations with their own unique ideas. There is ample indoor and outdoor workspace. You will be contacted to pick up your artist’s pottery after it is kiln fired.


Ages 12 and up

Thursdays 3:30-5:30   Six weeks $250.00 tuition includes all materials/glazes/kiln firing

Class size limited to 6 artists

Are your teens looking for a way to express themselves creatively? Clay is a relaxing and therapeutic way to engage with themselves and the outside world. This is a very laid-back class with no pressure to create anything outside of the artist’s desire. They will have creative freedom and be encouraged to create art from the heart.


Ages 17 and up 

Meets once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays

6:30-9pm Six weeks $300 tuition includes all materials/glazes/kiln firing

Working with clay is a great way to relax while making fun and functional pottery for yourself and others. You will have instruction on the pottery wheel as well as hand-building. The studio is well stocked with pottery tools and a library of books.

Open Studio

$12 hour/2 hour minimum, clay sold $5  pound or 25lbs for $45. Includes glaze and kiln firing

Open studio is reserved for current or past students or artist with clay and equiptment experience and are able to work independently.

This is a 2 hour minimum charge and you must confirm with to check availability as it varies each week.

Enrolled students can enjoy an open studio workshop during your enrolled session.

Wheel Rentals

 The best way to get great at pottery is to practice, practice, practice!! We have a few new Shimpo table top wheels that can be rented by the week for $50.00. Wheel rental comes with 10 lbs of clay and loaner tools return your pottery for glaze and firing.

Abandoned Pottery

Pottery that does not get picked up after 30 days will be donated.

Please make every attempt to pick up your art.

“With the mud of the Earth ,make a cup from which your brother can drink”

~ Antonio Machado